Welcome to Bajor

This is a fanfic Bajoran language I compiled in 1999/2000 together with a dear Australian friend.
I wanted to put it up on the web for other fans to see and to avoid data loss.

It’s got all the grammar and could actually be spoken in real life! We even thought up own font signs and created font files.

Everything that’s posted here is taken from canon (series, books, movies) and additional fanon words, places etc. (marked with a *) we created to make it more complete.

FEEL FREE to drop us a comment or contact us 🙂

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Bajor

  1. Hello, I find your website really interesting and useful. You actually use a 50/50 of canon Bajoran language and the other half is a non-canon and well thought words and phrases. I hope someday the Bajoran language will be as developped as of Klingon! Voka a Bentel! 😊

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